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What benefits of hydraulic vs. rubber engine mounts

Rubber and hydraulic engine mounts are both used to secure the engine to the frame of a vehicle, while reducing the transmission of vibrations and shocks from the road to the rest of the vehicle, and isolating the engine from the frame. However, there are some key differences between the two types of mounts.

Benefits of Rubber engine mounts include:

  • Cost: Rubber engine mounts are generally less expensive than hydraulic engine mounts. -Easy to find: Rubber engine mounts are widely available and easy to find.

Benefits of hydraulic engine mounts include:

  • Durability: hydraulic engine mounts tend to last longer than rubber engine mounts, which harden and crack over time.
  • Vibration isolation: Hydraulic engine mounts are able to adjust to the engine’s movement, which allows for better isolation of the engine vibration.
  • Improved engine performance: The ability of the mount to adjust to the engine’s movement can improve engine performance by reducing the engine’s vibrations.

In summary, rubber engine mounts are a more budget-friendly option but have a shorter lifespan, while hydraulic engine mounts are more expensive but provide better durability and isolation of the engine vibration, which can improve engine performance. Ultimately, the best option will depend on the vehicle, the driving conditions and the budget.