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What are engine mounts?

Engine mounts are devices that secure the engine to the frame of a vehicle. They are designed to reduce the transmission of vibrations and shocks from the road to the rest of the vehicle, while also isolating the engine from the frame. This helps to improve the overall ride comfort and reduce noise and harshness inside the vehicle.

MTC Engine mounts are typically made of metal and rubber, or metal and a fluid-filled cylinder (hydraulic mount). The metal bracket attaches to the engine, while the rubber or hydraulic cylinder attaches to the frame. Rubber or fluid (oil) acts as a cushion and absorb vibrations and shocks from the road, and reducing the transfer of these vibrations to the rest of the vehicle.

MTC Parts engine mounts also play an important role in maintaining the engine’s alignment, which is critical for proper engine performance and fuel efficiency. If the engine is not properly aligned, it can cause issues such as vibration, noise, and excessive wear on the engine and other vehicle components.

Over time, engine mounts can wear out and may need to be replaced. Signs of worn engine mounts include excessive vibration, noise, and engine movement. It’s important to have worn engine mounts checked and replaced as necessary to ensure proper engine alignment and performance.