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MTC Parts is a wholesale auto parts manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket and OEM parts for import and domestic vehicles (Cars, Trucks, SUV’s). Save up to 80% on thousands of car parts for Japanese, Korean, American, and German vehicles. We are a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality OEM and aftermarket Japanese, Korean, Domestic and European automotive parts and accessories. We specialize in rubber, engine, suspension, electrical and heavy duty parts and accessories. We sell quality parts under the MTC, Goldflex, Ronak, Seerat, Sameer, H.S brand names. MTC started as an automotive repair shop in 1979. In 1984, we began manufacturing in order to help keep costs down for our customers. After starting out with small-scale fabrication projects and realizing the enormous demand for affordable products, MTC completely shifted its focus to large-scale auto parts production and distribution! MTC has transformed into an international auto parts powerhouse. Our state of the art factories and partners are located around the world producing automotive products to our stringent quality standards. MTC is proud to serve our customers both domestically and internationally. 

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MTC offers world-class products through many of the world’s top distributors. Our products have been installed in over 20 million vehicles across the globe. Open an account with us today and discover what MTC has to offer.